Talent Agent

Breaking Into and Succeeding as a Talent Agent
Starting a Talent Agency

Representing Local, National and International Talents
Representing Models, Artists, Musicians, Magicians, Illusionists, Clowns and others

Pursue your dream working with celebrities now. If you love the entertainment industry and people say you're a people person and trustworthy, this prestigious career is yours. 

Contrary to popular belief, talent agencies are not only located in Los Angeles and New York. They don't only represent A-list celebrities either. Most likely, there are at least one agency in your hometown that represents local talents. Therefore, there is still a place for another one (you).

Who are "local talents," by the way? You probably have encountered them more often than you realized. They play the band at your best friend's wedding party, they model in trade shows, and they often come to your nephews' birthday parties dressed in silly fruity outfits or clown suits.

All these talents need a trustworthy agent to help them in securing jobs (called "bookings") and auditions. Unless your hometown has less than 20 people in population, most likely it needs an agent's touch to bring out the best and the brightest local talents to their audience.
Many larger-than-life talent agents started small at home, equipped with nothing more than a computer and a phone line, which is the beauty of this business. 

You can start as small as you want with only hundreds of dollars in starting capital. Or, if you have secured a business loan, you can also rent an office space with prestigious downtown mailing address.

Above all, a talent agent must be ethical and professional. Without these traits, it is almost impossible to stay afloat in this field. Word-of-mouth can be both good or bad. Most likely, you wouldn't want to experience the latter.

Now, where are the jobs? Depending on where you offer your services, the sky can be the limit. Naturally, if your agency is located in a big city, for instance, it's more likely that the talents get better fees and more jobs. But anywhere you're located, there must be at least a few job sources:

Modeling industry

Fit modeling
TV shows
Business launches

Acting industry
TV shows
Video clips
Corporate training videos
Broadway shows
Voice overs
Stand-up comics

Party industry
Wedding parties
Birthday parties
Graduation parties
Holiday parties
Anniversary parties

Music industry
Bars and clubs
Jazz clubs
Recording studios
Background music sessions