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Gateway to Modeling, Bollywood – Tollywood - Tellywood. Explore the galore of latest vacancies, jobs opportunities and career prospects in the largest film industry of the world – the glamorous Indian films industry There are numbers of talented artists who innately dream of a career in the glamour world but could not find a reliable medium to give there dreams a ground to build on. On the other side, films producers and directors complaint of an acute scarcity of talented artists in the industry. Feeling the possibilities behind this very paradoxical scenario took the responsibility to bridge the gape between Bollywood talent hunters and the talented artists and media aspirants scattered across India.

Online Interactive Portal for All Media Aspirants.
UPLOAD your Portfolio photographs, Video, Audio and Your Experience to get noticed by 1000s of Directors, Production Houses, Fashion Houses and All other Talent Hunters., the only jobs portal devoted to Modeling, Indian films industry, launched under the banner of Sree Fashions, is brain child of highly dynamic and growth oriented business venture fraternity – Sarafina Global Ventures.

The group with many successful ventures to its credit, like Kamal Eternity Pvt. Ltd., Rainbow International, Kamal Associates, Kamal Capital and now Kamal Infomedia Pvt. Ltd, has registered its presence in Indian corporate by its fastest growing and successful business network in diversified fields.

Bollywood and Tollywood together are the worlds largest film producer and are always short of talented media persons. Tellywood is not a different case. India cinema has crossed geographical borders, so has grown its requirement of good artists, other casts and crew members. There are thousands of big and small productions houses and manifold Bollywood jobs and Tollywood jobs. With the growing numbers of TV channels every day, Television industry is also growing with same pace. So is growing requirement of TV artists and crew members.
In fact there is no draught of talented artists and media persons. There are a good many artists who end up their life doing this and that only because they don't ever come to know about the existence of such jobs opportunities that match to their skills.

Lack of a proper communication was the culprit. We realized the need of a link between both the ends and our sincere efforts to join the two worlds resulted into

Our job portal is full of Bollywood jobs. Browse through existing Bollywood vacancies. Apply to your dream cinema jobs. Whether you are looking for Tellywood jobs or Tollywood jobs you are right place.

If you are a Modeling, looking for a break in films, want to do acting in serials or looking for an entry into Bollywood. Don't just wait for your chance in Bollywood, make a break into cineworld or Tellywood by registering your profile with

Film production houses, Television, advertising Agencies, Radio FM and leading Fashion houses to promote the talented actors, models, singers, Fashion Designers, TV anchors, Technician and all other stuff, the places the hitherto scattered glam business into a symbiotic industry where talent and opportunity find and benefit from each other.

So if Modeling, Bollywood or film industry is your destination, you are at right place!

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