Reciprocal Links

This directory is exclusive to those webmasters who hold true to the reciprocal linking principals.

You may be familiar with other automatic link exchange services, however, being a member of several of them I can assure you there are some shady webmasters out there who do not reciprocate after they have agreed to exchange or they hide your reciprocal link "in the back" where the automated link exchange software can locate it as directed, but the search engines will never find it.

Manual link exchange does take more time, but it's worth 10 fold more than an automatic link exchange service. Dead links on your site or exchanging links with webmasters who are not reciprocating properly is of no value to you.  

True Reciprocal Link Exchange is and these Link Partners are GOLDEN! 

We are continually look for webmasters who offer True Reciprocal Link Exchanges. If you own a site that abides by the rules below, submit your site for review.

Our directory itself is search engine friendly, so being listed in our directory an added bonus, finding True Reciprocal Link Partners, and having another link back to your site.

If you are going to exchange links... Make it count. 

Exchange partners listed in this directory have a Search Engine Friendly Link Exchange System. 

A link from their site to yours counts!